About Functions

The first and most important aspect of TFC Radio Network is

that we broadcast solely through the functions of javascript. For that reason it is absolutely necessary for your listening device to be set to turn on javascript.

It is our promise to you

that we will never capture any information about you without first asking your permission. We at TFC Radio Network are totally committed to that promise.

Every hour of our broadcast day

is easily accessible. No matter what page of our main site you might be on, you will find a Listen Now Image Link or a hyper link to options for listening.

TFC Radio Network Broadcasting

is programmed to work for your convenience and at your local time of the day. This is unique to the radio industry for online broadcasting. No matter what time zone you are in, if your time is 8 AM then TFC Radio Network broadcasts to you that 8 AM program. No more will you be inconvenienced and at the mercy of the originator’s broadcast time. And what’s more…

We allow On Demand listening.

That means we allow you to choose the broadcast hour and the show in that hour for the current day of the week.

So if its Sunday and you are pressed for time or just want to listen to a show not yet up for playing, just click the On Demand Play Option and make your show selection. There are no restrictions to this except that you can listen only to the list of shows for that playlist.

You can’t listen to some of tomorrow’s shows, today.

We just hit on that in the paragraph above. You might ask why can’t you listen to tomorrow’s shows today?

Simply put, some of the shows in our daily schedule are time sensitive. They are prepared for the month, day and year of their schedule. However, some of our shows are selected by your computer or device randomly. But to make our On Demand option uniform, we have elected to apply it to the whole day’s schedule.

If you have questions or suggestions

please comment at our Facebook Page, and please be sure to LIKE us.


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